Saturday, January 14, 2012

Change of plans 1

Baltimore consisted of eating followed by getting rained on. Wahoo. We the reloacted to DC where we figured we would be able to find more success and stay dry in the subways. The outcome however was a little different: We took on more water, made $1, but mate a slew of really cool people and were able to meet up with other friends of ours. All this has been said below, but I wanted to give the full brief considering DC was never on our list. I really loved Baltimore, and DC was eh, but the trip itself was great. DC has beautiful metro stations and all of the monuments spoke for themselves. Everyone seemed to have more of an agenda than New Yorkers (surprised me!), but one cannot help but feel the importance of our country and its government when you're downtown. It was another culture all its own, another learning experience notch in the belt of knowledge.


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