Monday, January 9, 2012

Debrief Boston

All in all Boston was pretty successful -  we made it there alive, got our selves a new microphone for Hank the Tank Jefferson, made our stay back by busking, and getting a solid night of sleep! We first tried busking in Fanueil Hall and made a few bucks, then an awesome street drumming man turned his volume up to 11, forcing us to migrate. We moved to the subway which is where we surprisingly made most of our dough. Along came officer Boston accent who said, "Ya boys gotchya pehmits?" While I realize that is the worst literary boston accent ever made, we left and hopped the next rail back home. We're just above to leave the bean town area and make our way to the BIG APPLE! So good morning, enjoy that breakfast (or what ever you're reading when you eat this) we'll see you empire state side.


  1. Sounds like Boston was a hoot! So far so good, you're not starvin yet, right guys! Have fun in TBA (The Big Apple) today and stay safe, share the music, bring us back some good stories. PS I think ya should have stickers with your website so that ppl who get to hear ya will have something to remember your name by, and will know where to get your albums! Just a thought! Love yas!
    (Momma P)

  2. Haha we've got some stories for ya! glad you're following! We have been handing out stickers and business cards and we have CD's as well! You taught us well merm! lol