Sunday, January 22, 2012

White Plains, NY

Driving, driving, and more and more driving.

Non-stop through the night put us in perfect timing to get to NY in the early afternoon. We made only a few stops on the way to stretch our legs, but nonetheless we made it. Our manager Doug put us up for the night, and got us a gig at a place called The Bayou. But as soon as we got to his house we all fell asleep for a few hours. We woke up, ate delicious Ziti, and headed to the show! The Bayou was a really cool place. small stage but big names have come through! It looks like the used to have a festival every year and Taj Majal, G Love, Parliament Funk, and more were all there at one point! We played a fun set of all ECC originals, with Rye Whiskey (originally by Pete Seeger, and another version by Dave Matthews) thrown in the mix. Some Cajun food was our payment and boy was it good! Spicy! After the show, Hank left for home, and in my opinion it was so weird! It was the first time in two weeks that it wasn't all of us.

The next day Erik and I set off for New Hampshire. Where we all started.


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