Saturday, January 14, 2012


Asheville! This has by far been the best stop we've made yet. Survey says we'd all love to move here and play music. Where to start with this post.... well the southern hospitality surely exists! Each of our hosts below the mason dixon line has been more generous than one could ever imagine. People on the street, people in shops -  all of them have been friendly, and receptive even to travelers. Within an hour of busking in Asheville the signs were clear that we would need to spend more time in this place! Not only did we make out well, a wonderful woman working at the nearby chocolate store came out with 5 hot chocolates (which tasted like pure melted morsels) and claimed, "You guys have been making my day! I've been listening to you for the past hour and its just great! I wanted to make sure you guys stayed warm!" That was incredible...then came sign two: a man named Duke, "Where you fellas from?" (NH/PA). "How long you in town for?" (Not sure, only until tomorrow really). "Aw thats too bad, we've got this thing on Saturday that I'd love it if you played for us. You'd just be working for tips though." (Our long response to that). Sign three: We were invited to play at a party that very same night! All in all Asheville is incredible, but I don't want to kill you with this novel of a post so we'll bring more to ya soon!


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