Sunday, January 15, 2012

We'll miss you Asheville!

Hey Folks!

Wow, is there a place that's better than Ashevlle? The answer is no if you were wondering.
We concluded our amazing stay here at Possum Splendor for a house concert, which turned out to be an amazing night! We opened the show and everyone was digging our sound. Mark from To All My Dear Friends followed us with his looping violin/guitar epicness. Check him out if you can! After him was Occupy Beatles, the house Beatles cover band who were awesome as well. Hank and I jumped in on the song "Don't Pass Me By" in a bluegrass style. Loads of fun, solos were passed around between about 6 people. Then it snowed!! It was just a fantastic night. I love this place!

Big shoutout to Mike, Steve, Linda, Fox, Duke, and Mark for making our stay here great!

Off to Nashville!


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