Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I (Giant Heart) New York

We got into Manhattan around 2pm yesterday, found a place to park, found a bite to eat, and finally found a place to set up. Our first spot foreshadowed an unpromising NYC, but we thought it may just be poor timing - everyone was at work! We went about the town for a little while; we found the 1% that wasn't too cold to stay, the rest of wall street, and where they were rebuilding the world trade center. We headed back down to the subway for rush hour where me made most of our loot a few new friends. That brought us to about 6:30pm when we called it a night, packed up and moved philly bound. New York was a blast! I'm not sure what the other cities will hold, but if this thing keeps up that way it has we should be sitting pretty (and eating lots of barbecue). Much love and rock steady! See you in philly!

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