Tuesday, January 10, 2012

See ya NYC, Hello Philly

Philly was great today, much more success than we expected. Our joke was that it lived up its name, "the city of brotherly love." A few highlights included learning how to properly order an authentic Philly Cheese Steak, exploring another fast paced culture, but nothing comes close to the moments.  Each day and city has provided at least one memorable moment. Today while playing in the park, a mother pulled up her carriage next to us, allowing the baby to watch. He wasn't wearing a smile to begin with, but he started to get pulled into the music as he looked back from Hank, to Ryan, and back to me. Each time one of us smiled at the small bundle of life, he would stretch an enormous grin across his face that we could only return once again. It was another beautiful moment in life. Tomorrow is Baltimore/DC neither of which I've ever seen! As any trip tends to be -  this has been soulfully enriching.
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